About Very Truly Yours Arts

Very Truly Yours Consultants Inc. was formed by Arnie Perez in 2005 out of a need to finally have some control of where his life was going. Having been employed most of his life as an independent contractor in one job or another, it was a great way for him to start his own corporation where one day he could say, “This is mine and I’m going to do it my way.” Since August 2008, along with his co-conspirator and close friend Nat White, “Very Truly Yours” has presented Jazz concerts at a new venue in Mount Vernon, N.Y. called the Bassline Cafe.

Jazz music has been a long-time passion of these two men for as long as they can remember and they felt that there weren’t enough venues that support up-and-coming artists that deserve wider recognition. Nat and Arnie are also very close with all the artists that participate in their “Sunday Serenade” series and they know that this is more like a family situation. They lend their support, love and guidance to each and every artist that is part of their family.

Both men have been involved in doing concerts for longer than they care to admit, and they know how to do it the right way from working with the likes of grass roots jazz impresarios Jim Harrison and Hilly Saunders (Jazz Spotlite Productions). After Nat and Arnie's first concert “Two Tenor Sunday Serenade” on August 17th 2008 at the Bassline, which was dedicated to the memory of the “Little Giant”, Johnny Griffin, they knew this was going to be bigger than they had anticipated. Since August of 2008 there have been many coming and goings, but one thing remains the same is the quality of music, straight ahead with no compromising what so ever.

We take great pride and pleasure to welcome to our VTYJAZZ family long time video specialist as well as music lover Kevin Prendergast. Kevin is no stranger to the music scene having been videotaping Latin and Jazz concerts for many years. Kevin has been with us since November 23rd 2008 tribute for Arthur Taylor. His work speaks for itself and we are happy to have him as part of our family.

As I had said earlier, since August of 2008 there have been many coming and goings and that includes venues, as of September of 2016  we are proud to announce that our new venue for our Sunday Serenade series is Mist Harlem located at 46 West 116th Street in Harlem, USA. Looking forward to our new partnership with Mist Harlem. Wo would like too thank the management of Mist for the opportunity of bringing this great American Art form known as Jazz to where Be-Bop was born, Harlem, USA.

Like to thank WKCR 89.9 FM Thursday night Jazz Alternatives host Sharif Abdus-Salaam for his unconditional support over the years. Big shout goes to Dock Harvey and his posse of hard-core fans for keeping our tent open. Without Dock and his posse we would have folded the tent up a long time ago. With no sponsorship or funding we could have never established what we have without the great artists and fans that makeup our VTY Jazz family. This has been a dream come true and these memories will last a lifetime... On a closing note, we will never stop growing and making the necessary changes that need to be made if it benefits everyone concerned...

Arnie Perez Founder & CEO